Like every modern advancement, innovation is forged from a desire to find “another way.” LinQ is no different. We created an application that focuses on the people using the app rather than the platform itself. We are in the business of helping people in the wholesale industry make connections and grow their business from the convenience of their smartphone.




We don’t make a penny off of your business’s success. Our goal is to simply LinQ you with the rest of the wholesale industry.


We are in the business of LinQing wholesalers, sales representatives, and retail buyers from the convenience of your smartphone. Through our in-app communication all your contacts will be kept in one place.


We never want our users to be caught off guard by fees, ads or unwanted solicitations. That is why we offer one flat rate to receive full access and benefits of LinQ.

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How LinQ Came to Be

Andy is the creative mind behind LinQ B2B and is excited to bring it to life. The idea of LinQB2B began when he traveled to market often to purchase products for his business. Blown away at the cost and time associated with the travel for all parties involved, he said to himself, “wouldn’t it be nice if this could be accessed in some manner online?” From this vision, LinQB2B was created to link wholesalers and buyers through an easy-to-use app.

Meet The Team

Andy Beard - the Founder and Owner of Linq B2B


Andy, the idea originator and CEO of LinQ, graduated from Rice University and taught business classes for high schools in Texas. Summer 2020 will be his 17th year as an owner of a small business. During this time, he has learned about and traveled to markets throughout the US. He realized there was a need for LinQB2B and named it that because he wanted to bring businesses together.


From Kansas City, this family-oriented individual is a stellar Account Services Manager. She has a background in computer science and marries technical knowledge with customer service for LinQ. She has also worked in the sales industry for many years and has a passion for working with people and seeing them smile.

tribu creative


Tribu Creative is a marketing and advertising agency by name, but those who know us, know us as The Tribe. We build tribes that inspire people. We work because we are passionate, and we thrive because of our collective experience.

Tribu Creative is honored to collaborate with LinQ to help it reach the masses and revolutionize the market place.

img studio


 The IMG Studio is an award-winning creative agency focused on video production, animation, virtual reality, web design, and app development. 

IMG has created LinQ as a clean and easy-to-use app.