LinQ B2B is designed to bring the wholesale community together on a platform where wholesalers, sales representatives, and retailers can easily find one another, communicate, and create valuable connections.  We understand the time, expense, and physical effort put forth by business owners who travel to markets across the U.S. annually to cultivate existing connections and generate new contacts to help grow their business.



LinQ B2B is making it possible to grow your business from the convenience of your phone, at a fraction of the price. As an American-made app, we understand that now, more than ever, businesses need the ability to create quality connections without having to travel. LinQ is bringing all the benefits of going to market right into the palm of your hands with our easy to download smart phone application.


Our target product offerings are gifts, souvenirs, outdoor equipment, boutique apparel, accessories, and much more. Connect with qualified retail buyers across the country that love your products and are ready to talk business with you! LinQing with new wholesale contacts has never been easier.


LinQ B2B memberships will be available to the first 100 prequalified buyers and sellers for free. The next 400 buyers and sellers can choose between one of three introductory rates, $120 for six months, $180 for 12 months, or $250 for 24 months, and will include a grandfather guarantee.

This rate will be made available to all wholesalers, sales representatives, and retail buyers. We are proud to bring this introductory rate to US-based businesses everywhere. Initial members will effectively never pay more than $180 per year for their membership with our introductory rate.

Introductory Member Rates

The first 400 buyers and 400 sellers can come in our introductory rate of:

$120 / 6 months

$180 / 12 months

$250 / 24 months

“You don’t want to be the one who missed out on the amazing rates that we are offering to the first individuals and companies to create profiles on our App.”
– Andy, Owner.


LinQ B2B does not sell any merchandise. We do not charge any commissions or fees. Your business is your business, and no one knows how to handle your transactions better than you. We take pride in helping fellow American businesses grow, compete, seamlessly communicate, save money, save time, and ultimately become as profitable as possible.

Only one new connection could easily help generate more than enough revenue to justify this small expense.  Download LinQ B2B on the App Store or Google Play today.