• 1. Begin at the home screen
  • 2. Select add product
  • 3. Enter product name
  • 4. Upload product photo
  • 5. Select whether this is a featured product by toggling the switch to on or off
  • 6. Enter $ MSRP
  • 7. Add product description
  • 8. Shipping and Policy information
  • 9. If you have product variations you can enter them here and select “add variation” for each one
  • 10. Select and categories this product would apply too.
  • 11. Next you can either publish immediately by selecting the “publish” button, or you can save as a draft.
  • 12. If you select save as a draft it will automatically take you to a screen that shows which products are “active”, “inactive”, and “promoted.”
  • Active: Your product is available for buyers to browse
  • Inactive: Your product is a draft
  • Promoted: This is a promoted product

Congratulations! You have successfully uploaded your first product!

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