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How To Apply (as a buyer)

1. Select I am a Buyer 2. Enter email address 3. Create a password 4. Press Sign up 5. Upload a photo ( a really good one) 6. Input the
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How To Select Interests

1. Select as many categories as you like! 2. Click the checkmark at the top right of the screen once complete! You’ve successfully selected your interests. These will apply when
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How To Shop + LinQ With Sellers

1. Select the home button at the bottom of your screen 2. Browse hundreds of products! New Products Items You May Like Popular Categories Popular Companies Or “Suprise Me” 1.
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How To Upload A Product (Seller)

1. Begin at the home screen 2. Select add product 3. Enter product name 4. Upload product photo 5. Select whether this is a featured product by toggling the switch
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How To Set Up Your Shop

1. Select a photo (this photo will be your store’s profile picture so make it a good one). 2. Select a banner photo. 3. Input the following information: Store Name
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closed due to covid

Adjusting your Wholesale or Retail Business in a COVID-19 Market

Over the past few months, the Coronavirus pandemic has caused significant changes to the wholesale and retail industries. Retailers, wholesalers, makers, and brands alike have all had to navigate through
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